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Fiduciary Review Services – $50/hr

In this 4 Hour Consultation & Review, we:

  • Provide in depth analysis searching for compliance issues
  • Review for conflicts of interest
  • Benchmark your existing fee to industry standards to determine if you are overpaying 
  • Review existing investment structure and benchmark to industry standards & peers
  • Review overall financial wellness and best practices
  • Provide a zero obligation consultation service with complete confidentiality
  • Provide professional suggestions aimed at improving any of the areas above, with a focus on eliminating compliance issues under regulatory requirements

Reviews are completed by Durig, a Registered Investment Advisor for over 18 years.  Durig has over 40 years of professional investment experience, and a long and successful history of providing only the highest level of fiduciary service to clients.

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If you have any questions or would like further information Durig’s Fiduciary Consultation and Review Services, please call Durig at (971) 732-5119, or email us at info@durig.com.

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Disclaimer: Durig Capital (DBA as “Durig”) is a registered financial advisor that provides investors with a specialized, transparent fiduciary service at a very low cost.  Please note that we are not a broker/dealer, and reports are intended for distribution only to clients. This is not investment advice from Durig Capital, nor a specific recommendation to buy or sell securities.  If you have any questions or concerns about its suitability for your personal investment, you should seek specific investment advice from a registered professional before making an investment decision.