Oregon Investment Advisor celebrates successful 10 years in business

Within weeks of opening our Investment Advisory business at Durig Capital,  two jet planes crashed into the twin towers in New York City and what was known as 9-11 shut down Wall Street for a week.  In hindsight, it may have been one of the worst times imaginable to open an investment firm.

Now, the concurrence of escalating debt issues and the inability of our US Government to solve a 15 trillion dollar problem, of Greece’s precipitous trek towards implosion as a result of lack of financial control, of a contagion concern for the entire Euro zone, and of many other threats to the global economy, appears to have striking similarities to the to the uncharted and uncertain times in which we started our Advisory firm.

What is truly remarkable today, is that within this paralyzing financial time for individuals and investment firms alike, and considering the background of when we started, in our 10th year here at Durig Capital with our global income leadership, we are seeing our most robust growth ever!  Clients can find refuge in our fiduciary model of “Always putting our clients’ interest first“, knowing that we are providing a level of service that few, if any, in the financial industry provide.  By creating an environment that gives our clients the highest level of individual care, we believe that our robust portfolio of income investment options positions Durig Capital as the innovative and product leader in global bond options for retail investors.  But we didn’t stop there.  Durig Capital provides all these combined high levels of service at one of the lowest fee structures for any Registered Investment Adviser that we have reviewed.

Randy Durig our CEO and founder remarked about our 10 year anniversary, “With the level of trust and support from our clients only increasing, even in this tough economy it’s been a remarkable 10 years for us.  I would like to thank our clients, because they are what make our services successful.  We will continue to work hard, and are committed to the highest ethical standard of always putting their interests first.

Thank you for visiting our website.  If you have any questions, we will try to answer them directly and honestly.   You can find our top rated bonds and other income articles at our blog: www.Bond-Yields.com

8 thoughts on “Oregon Investment Advisor celebrates successful 10 years in business”

  1. I am very interested in an offshore investment account but want some clarification before opening an account:

    If I understand your article correctly, funds are sent to a custodial bank in Switzerland, and no money actually goes to the Bahamas, is this correct?

    My experience with Swiss banks is that they charge very high custodial fees so are the Swiss bank fees and charges included in your .5% initial fee structure or will they be deducted from my account at some later date, if yes, what will the fees be?,

    Your initial .5% fee is a one time fee on the initial investment or is this an annual cost of .5% of the money invested?

    What annual fees, deductions, charges etc are made for manging the investment account, i.e. what would be your all inclusive MER?

    I am a resident of Andorra where there are no income taxes of any kind. I presently make investments through my bank here tax free. What taxes will be deducted by the Swiss taxes authorities for income from the custodial account held in the Swiss bank?

    When exchanging from one currency to another what are the FX rates source and what fees are charged for each transaction?

    Looking forward to a comprehensive written reply.

    Roger Price
    25 Sept 2012

    1. Sorry Roger but we have had a issue working with the custodians working in the country of Andorra, we charge a half of one percent fee which is very low for high level of services. At this time we woul dlike to be of services but we don’t beleive the US wants to welcome Andorra because of it’s very low tax status.

    1. Thanks for the question Donna

      We have one of the lowest fees of 0.50% per year based on the $100,000 amount so that would be only $125 per quarter.

      I hope this helps if not let me know.

  2. I am interested in investing in bond ,I would like to know what is the complete procedure for opening an account.Who would hold the custody of the bonds.What are your charges .Hoping to get a quick response.

    1. Thanks for the question Syed

      We work primarily with TD Ameritrade as the custodian, as they would have custody of the bonds, we charge a 1/2 percent annually. It’s all pretty easy we could email you the needed paperwork.


  3. Do you deal with either Schwab or Fidelity? Have accounts at both, but not TDA.

    How many energy issues have you had clients lose money in during the last 7 or 8 years?


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