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FX2 Rated 1st In Performance

Durig’s FX2 Portfolio – Third Quarter Rankings from Informa

Informa Investment Solutions Benchmarked Durig Capital’s Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Portfolio against its peer group of short term fixed income SMA’s (Separately Managed Accounts) in it’s PSN database.


Here is how Durig’s FX2 Portfolio was Ranked Third Quarter of 2018:


Durig Capital Rank Time Period Number of Competitors
1st 1 Year 126
1st 2 Years 125
1st 3 Years 124
1st 5 Years 120
1st Since Inception 110

Growth Of $1,000


Period Durig FX2 Benchmark Durig Premium
1  Year $ 1,132 $ 1,000 $ 132
2 Years $ 1,340 $ 1,003 $ 337
3 Years $ 1,690 $ 1,011 $ 679
4 Years $ 1,471 $ 1,024 $ 447
5 Years $ 1,604 $ 1,029 $ 575
6 Years $ 1,759 $ 1,033 $ 727
Inception $ 1,961 $ 1,037 $ 923


Durig’s FX2 Portfolio – Rate of Return


Time Period Durig Capital Return Benchmark Durig’s FX2 Excess Return
1 Year 13.16 -0.01 13.17
2 Years 15.74  0.13 15.62
3 Years 19.11  0.38 18.73
4 Years 10.13  0.58  9.55
5 Years  9.91  0.57  9.34
6 Years  9.87  0.54  9.33
Inception 10.49  0.54  9.95


If you have additional questions about FX2 please do not hesitate to contact us.


Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Durig’s FX2 Portfolio – Helping to Solve Your Income Needs

Durig’s FX2 Portfolio – Helping to Solve Your Income Needs  

Performance Review of Durig’s FX2 Portfolio

  • Morningstar’s Top Performing Fixed Income SMA in Trailing 1, 3 & 5 Year Returns, Q1 2018, Q2 2018
  • Up 10.94% YTD
  • Up 12.64% Trailing 1 Year Return
  • Up 17.54% Trailing 3 Year Return
  • Up 9.59% Trailing 5 Year Return

  • Annualized Return Since Inception (12-30-2011) of 9.91%
    • We know of no other Fixed Income SMA that has outperformed us, there may be some but we have not found any

#1 Performer in a Rising Rate Environment

  • FX2 is well suited for a rising interest rate environment

FX2 Benchmark Performance

  • The performance of FX2 stands out amongst our peers

Historical Returns of FX2 vs. S&P 500

  • Our returns have greatly outperformed our peer group
    • We are one of the few bond portfolios that has provided S&P like historical returns with about half the volatility, giving us a monster alpha of 8.44 vs the S&P 500

Superior Upside vs. Downside Risk Profile

  • In upside/downside participation we have outperformed almost all our *peers 2 to 1
    • *While the S&P 500 is not our peer, we have included them here to better judge our overall performance to the market as a whole

Disclosure: This report demonstrates how our clients aggregated Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Managed Income Portfolios have performed as of October 1st, 2018 and provides a brief analysis on the performance metrics of the FX2 portfolio.

Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. FX2 is a composite of individual (segregated) bond accounts comprised of individual bond positions, with return averages both higher and lower than the FX2 composite returns. Individual (segregated) accounts are a different investment vehicle than bond funds, offering more easily customized asset allocation and tax accountability compared to having all the investments held in one single large pool.

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