Durig Always putting your interests first!

Always putting your interests first !

Thanks for inquiring into Durig.  We are dedicated enterprise wide, from our high level of client service to our simple and open contracts, to always providing a very high level of fiduciary care.  At Durig we are able to provide many superior levels of client services, while charging possibly our industries lowest client fees.  We have created and maintain the website www.Bond-Yields.com and sign up for our email Newsletter to help inform our clients.  We are a Registered Investment Adviser located just outside Portland, OR.  We have developed several proprietary selection models to make our recommendations.  The basic models fall into three general categories that include the Fixed Income 1 and, Fixed Income 2.

We encourage people to inquire with the Better Business Bureau to see that Durig has the highest ratings of A+.  You can also find out about Randy Durig, his industry records and his registration with an Investment Adviser Check provided by the SEC.

At Durig we are dedicated to putting our clients interest first, and part of our duty is to find the industry’s best third party custodians to hold our clients assets.  This fiduciary “best practices” reduces conflicts of interest.  Each custodian has reviewed Durig before allowing us to utilize their successful business and we are constantly reviewing them, asking them openly to compete for our business.  This extra level of review greatly insures that every client receives a higher level of care.  We have selected and established relationships with what we believe to be the best in class custodian services, and currently work with TD Ameritrade.  With a pre-existing account with any of these firms, we can become an Adviser with very little additional paperwork.

We are proud to have designed a fiduciary model that top to bottom provides the services and contacts that always put your interest first, including the diligent effort to eliminate client conflict with our public disclosed ADV part II.

We realize websites and e-mails alone don’t provide the feeling of trust often needed in financial matters, but hopefully you can see our effort in this letter and it’s testimony to our best in class relationships.  We are fully transparent and honest, providing a high level of fiduciary service to all of our clients.  Should you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Always putting your interests first,

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Durig Capital : Always putting your interests first!

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