Durig’s Low Cost Fiducial Model.

The following are seven reasons why Durig Capital and its Registered Investment Advisor’s low cost fiduciary model of services is seen as superior to that of brokers.  Each will be reviewed in more detail.

Durig Capital’s Advisory Model

Broker’s Model

Fiduciary Service Suitability
Low fee’s Commission
Transparency Disclosure
Registered Investment Advisor Investment or Stock Broker
3rd Party Custodian: In house custody
Advise Transactions
Ethics Legality

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Oregon Investment Advisor celebrates successful 10 years in business

Within weeks of opening our Investment Advisory business at Durig Capital,  two jet planes crashed into the twin towers in New York City and what was known as 9-11 shut down Wall Street for a week.  In hindsight, it may have been one of the worst times imaginable to open an investment firm.

Now, the concurrence of escalating debt issues and the inability of our US Government to solve a 15 trillion dollar problem, of Greece’s precipitous trek towards implosion as a result of lack of financial control, of a contagion concern for the entire Euro zone, and of many other threats to the global economy, appears to have striking similarities to the to the uncharted and uncertain times in which we started our Advisory firm. Read more

Registered Investment Advisors

Durig Capital – Always putting your interest first.

Our Registered Investment Adviser firm is proud of the fiduciary investment services we provide to the Portland area. Our desire is to serve your investment needs with a level of service located conveniently in the Tigard triangle between I-5, Barbur Boulevard (also known as Pacific and Highway &  99W) and Freeway 217 (also know as Beaverton Tigard Freeway – view our location and get directions below).

We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact us with questions.

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